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Caroline Carter-Smith

Caroline established CSuite Content in 2015 with cofounder, Remy Scalza. Caroline is a former broadcast journalist (NBC, SHAW, APTN), tech PR veteran, and an experienced leader in the field of executive communications and leadership branding. Her work has helped world-class business leaders build and leverage their social media presence, strategically navigate communications challenges, make waves on the speaking circuit, and punch above their weight with placements in top-tier press.

Complete Guide To Social Media For CEOs

What does social media for CEOs look like? In this post we’ll cover the importance and benefits of social media for leaders, effective strategies for using it, and how to overcome challenges and risks.

importance of personal branding

Building A Personal Brand — How to Get Started

Discover five essential tips for content creation to enhance your personal brand. Define your identity, know your audience, create valuable content, optimize for discovery, and engage to build lasting relationships. Start building your personal brand today with C-Suite Content.

how to build a personal brand on linkedin

How To Build A Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn is key to communicating who you are and what you stand for to potential clients, business partners, employees, and colleagues.