5 Business Leaders That Are ACTUALLY Worth Following On Social Media

Move over, Elon. There’s a new batch of social CEOs on the block.

While prominent figures like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Simon Sinek and Bill Gates may still be making waves on social media, a new generation of business leaders has come of age on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and other channels. And — no surprise — they’re a lot more interesting.

The new class of social CEOs and business leaders is less about plugging their own projects and more about getting real — sharing their own stories and struggles, while also leaving their audience with useful insights and takeaways … not just motivational quotes slapped on a colored square. (Looking at you, Simon!)

As the team behind the CSuite Awards, we’re always looking for leaders who truly inspire and motivate on social media (if you know one … or — better yet — are one, we’re ,taking nominations now). Here are five business leaders on four different platforms that might not be on your radar, yet — but they’re definitely worth clicking that follow button for.

Miss Excel (Kat Norton) on TikTok

Do you have “Proficient in Excel” on your resume? Are you actually proficient, or are you just able to do basic math functions, and maybe a line graph when your morning coffee hits extra good?

Some spreadsheet savants are surely scoffing, but for the other 99.5% of us, that was a deep cut — don’t worry, we’re with you. That’s why ,Miss Excel on TikTok is a great follow.

Her feed is full of engaging and straightforward tips and how-tos on all things Excel — from ,in-depth explanations on single functions to ,round-ups of new features that will save you hours. Now, if you find the one where she explains what pivot tables are… can you let me know? I’m too afraid to ask at this point.

Sima Sistani on LinkedIn

Sima Sistani may be the CEO of Weightwatchers, but do you know what else is worth watching? If you said the latest season of White Lotus, you’re right — but also, Sima’s LinkedIn feed.

Sima’s account is refreshingly personal, and she’s an advocate for authenticity online. But her personal touches aren’t just for herself — her ,video of tips she’d give her younger self is helpful for anybody.

Her video content helps diversify your feed on a text-heavy platform, but if you like reading words, she recently launched her newsletter, ,A Handful of Things, where you can find media suggestions, life hacks, recipes, and more. A functional feed full of tips, Sima’s definitely worth a look.

Everette Taylor on Twitter

If new Kickstarter CEO Everette Taylor isn’t worth a follow for what he’s posting right now, then he’s worth it for what’s coming.

He’s already showing up in ,content around his new role, and naturally, he’s one of the best sources for ,updates on interesting creators that use the Kickstarter platform to excel. But even before the CEO role, Everett’s had a ,powerful story and mindset — rising from homelessness to entrepreneurship, he’s learned and shared some powerful lessons along the way.

And, if none of that makes you want to follow, one last thing might — where else will you find the ,hottest takes on the Rocky franchise?

Shiza Shahid on Instagram

Shiza is the CEO of Our Place, a kitchenware retailer, and her personal Instagram shares the vibe of her brand’s — a warm, inviting place that will probably make you a little bit hungry.

Not only is it a regular dose of positivity, but it’s useful, too — check out her cardamom ,pancake recipe here. Regularly posted reels, inspiration, advice, and business updates make her feed one worth following.

But as we all know, the dinner table can get heated sometimes. While we might not want to say who we voted for in front of grandpa, Shiza’s not shy about ,voicing her concerns about world events and using her platform to host difficult conversations. Not only that, but she’s also used it to ,amplify voices of others. All in all, her feed is a cozy atmosphere that makes these conversations more approachable — but not any less important.

Brian Garish on TikTok

Of all the names on this list, perhaps Brian Garish understands the internet more than anyone — we seriously just want cat videos, and his page is where you’ll find endless clips of his cats, ,Asher and Kenji.

But Brian isn’t just all about cats — he’s also regularly posting takes on how leadership works, like, this one where he argues that all business leaders have a responsibility to be role models, or ,this podcast clip that breaks down the difference between “why” and “how,” and what that knowledge can do for you. And just a reminder that, around all that other stuff, there are still a ton of cat videos.

We’re always looking for leaders who are making themselves known online, so if that sounds like anyone you know, ,let us know. And if that sounds like you, ,apply for the CSuite Awards to get your name out there in major media outlets and grow your platform even further.

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