We help corporate leaders build and harness their personal brand.


We help corporate leaders build and harness their personal brand.

Why Executives Need A Personal Branding Agency

Having a strong corporate brand is no longer enough. Consumers, employees and investors are increasingly basing decisions on the people behind the company — in particular, senior leadership. In fact, a CEO’s reputation is now responsible for an estimated 44% of a company’s market value. And that’s where personal branding comes into play.

Developing a strong personal brand as an executive confers a unique advantage in the marketplace. By cultivating your own audience, you can cut through marketing noise, forge a direct connection with buyers and help future-proof your business.

Indeed, as the human face of a brand, business leaders are uniquely positioned to impact public perception, for better or worse. Four out of five people agree that the right content from CEOs positively impacts consumers’ brand perception. Meanwhile, executives with a poor online brand — or none at all — can represent a serious liability to growth and customer acquisition.

An executive’s brand is the sum of many different components: interviews and speeches, published articles, social media content and commentary, online reviews and more. With so much riding on how you are perceived, personal branding is a vital part of your overall leadership strategy. The ROI — in terms of building trust and relationships with customers, employees and other key stakeholders — can be enormous.

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Personal Branding Services

Importantly, a strong personal brand is not an “overnight success” and requires a sustained, strategic effort, integrating proactive and reactive messaging, original content, earned media, and concerted social media campaigns. CSuite Content supports personal branding for executives in a variety of ways:

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Brand Building Support
Your online reputation starts with the image you project to the world: your personal brand. When consumers see a consistent and well defined presence online, they develop trust with you and your business.

An effective personal brand begins with a strategy: defining your core messages and values, then finding the most effective channels to share your views with your target business audience. At CSuite Content, we conduct a comprehensive media audit to identify your current perception, then work with you to create social media profiles and posts, blog and newsletter content, and earned media bylines and interviews — all of which reinforce your desired personal brand as an executive.
Crisis Communications Services
Every business leader faces challenges in the course of their operations, from layoffs and underperformance to personnel issues and media blowback. One key to emerging from these challenges with your brand intact is strong crisis communications — asserting control of the narrative, rather than allowing external forces to define your story and its impact. CSuite Content brings more than a decade of experience helping business leaders navigate crises from a communication standpoint. Our team identifies what’s at stake, what to communicate, and how to communicate it in order to minimize the impact on your brand and your business. A firm hand and steady voice from leadership makes all the difference in a crisis, and we can help you achieve just that.
Reputation Management Support
It’s no exaggeration to say that your online reputation precedes you — especially for business leaders. Leaders with a poor reputation online — or little digital footprint at all — can stand in the way of customer acquisition and key partnerships. Meanwhile, with a strong online reputation, you’re able to build relationships with a broad cross-section of strategic stakeholders, from potential customers to employees, partners, and investors.

At CSuite Content, we use a uniquely integrated reputation management process. We help you influence stakeholder conversations and public perceptions through a range of approaches, including social media and online forums, traditional media sites, blogs, review sites and more. Done correctly, online reputation management for executives generates a range of benefits for both the individual and the business.
Executive Communications Services
Company leaders face unique communication challenges. In meetings, speeches, emails, interviews, and conversations, they’re tasked with sharing critical business information, building relationships with employees and partners, fostering trust with customers, and projecting confidence for shareholders — sometimes all at once. Getting this right and projecting a consistent, strategic brand is rarely easy.

At CSuite Content, we’re experts in executive communications. Starting with your strategic objectives and target audience, we help you plan what to say and how to say it for maximum impact. Effective communication also requires listening and responding effectively to feedback. We help leaders build dialogue with key stakeholders in order to foster trust, mitigate conflict and align expectations.
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How Our Integrated Approach To Executive Communications Helps Busy Leaders

Save time

You have critical ideas to share with key stakeholders, but no time. We can help.

Share your message directly

Reach and influence customers, employees, colleagues, investors and more.

Build your brand

Elevate your leadership profile and influence by having an impactful voice online, in traditional media, and on social media.

Humanize your company

Set your organization apart from the competition with a human touch.

Retain and attract talent

Use your voice to elevate company culture and boost employer brand in a competitive market.

Drive your industry

Become an influencer who sets the tone for your field and is sought out as a media expert.

Our Personal Branding Process

At CSuite, we deal exclusively with CEOs, founders, and other thought leaders. We understand the unique challenges that business executives face as they seek to build and improve their personal brand.

Importantly, we approach personal branding from a holistic perspective, rather than merely an exercise in securing a single piece of positive press coverage or polishing poor SEO results.  

Our unique approach integrates brand management into a broader strategy that includes social media, earned media, and owned media to bring your vision and message to your followers. We help you build rapport with your audience, gaining their trust and confidence as you demonstrate your place as a leader in your industry.

We start with an in-depth media audit of your existing brand, identifying what’s being said about you and — just as importantly — what’s not being said. We then work with you to develop a comprehensive brand template identifying your target messages, key audiences, and KPIs. Our team then works with you to craft social media content, bios and profiles, blogs, newsletters and earned media bylines that reinforce your reputation and drive business results. 

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The Benefits Of Personal Branding Services

Personal branding for executives confers a series of cascading benefits and represents a hidden advantage for leaders who understand its potential. According to a recent Harris Poll, executives reported a 14x ROI from investments in personal branding and thought leadership. The benefits of personal branding include: 

  • The “Google effect:” Today, potential clients, partners, or employees will base decisions on a quick Google search of you and your profiles. Leaders who lack a cohesive brand (or have a negative online image) put their companies at a distinct disadvantage.
  • Building trust: A strong, human brand can serve to build loyalty and trust in ways that a corporate logo simply cannot. By investing in your personal brand, you create a lasting community based on relationships, rather than merely transactions.
  • Competitive advantage: A strong personal brand can help differentiate your business from competitors. Especially in a crowded marketplace, sharing a uniquely human perspective stands out and helps win business.
  • Recruiting and retention: 8 out of 10 employees research a CEO’s online presence when considering joining a company, according to Brunswick research. And by a 4 to 1 ratio, employees would prefer to work for a CEO who uses social media compared to one who does not. 
  • Future-proofing: For leaders, a strong personal brand can help you ride out economic ups and downs and ensure you control your own destiny. By establishing your unique expertise, you become a recognized authority in your own right whose value transcends any one company.
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