About CSuite Content

A world leader in CEO branding and executive PR

CSuite Content is a unique agency focused exclusively on executive communications: thought leadership, ghostwriting, social media, earned media, and personal branding expressly for company founders, CEOs and leadership.

At core, we’re built around the idea of leveraging the voice of leaders to drive business results for their companies. A leader’s voice — real, human, passionate — has the power to cut through the noise and reach people in a way that traditional marketing, PR and advertising efforts simply cannot. By tapping this powerful resource, companies can raise awareness among customers, garner attention from investors, attract promising employees and recruits, and forge partnerships with key stakeholders.

Over the years, we’ve helped CEOs and founders at the helm of billion-dollar enterprises in tech, finance and other sectors hone their message and share it with a global audience. We’ve been proud to support leaders at both major global brands like Shopify, lululemon, Hootsuite, 1-800-GOTJUNK?, and DavidsTea, as well as fast-growing startups in sectors as diverse as SaaS, agtech, AI, retail, ecommerce, proptech, robotics, healthcare, and more.

We support leaders in crafting and placing articles in leading business press and trade magazines, building their social media followings with strategic updates, developing popular newsletters and more — all with an eye for driving real results for their businesses. Through our efforts, our clients have secured top-tier press coverage, landed major investments from VC firms, attracted top-notch talent for their growing companies, built relationships with government and municipal stakeholders, and landed key customers to take their businesses to the next level.


CSuite Content was established in 2015 and built around a unique premise: providing business executives with a more direct and authentic way to share their perspectives with the world. Then, as today, securing media coverage represented an uphill battle for many companies. Shrinking newsrooms and dwindling media budgets translated to fewer business reporters and less coverage of critical business news. Meanwhile, the explosive growth of social media — not to mention newsletters, blogs and bylines — was giving company leaders new channels to engage directly with key audiences, from customers to employees. 

So CSuite Content embraced a different approach. Pioneers in the emerging field of executive thought leadership, we built an agency focused around turning company leaders into influencers in their own right — helping them transform their ideas into headlines and reach an audience directly.    

Headquartered in Vancouver, the agency began as a collaboration between two veteran journalists and PR professionals: Caroline Carter and Remy Scalza. As a contributor to The New York Times and Washington Post, Remy had spent years interviewing executives at leading companies and recognized a pressing need for writing and publishing services designed expressly for business thought leaders. A former broadcast journalist and tech PR veteran, Caroline brought years of experience in the field of executive communications, both inside companies and at the agency level, and a knack for helping leaders strategically navigate communications challenges. 

What started as a consultancy working with a small core of tech CEOs quickly expanded, as CSuite Content tapped into a strong demand for high-quality executive communications and thought leadership services. The team has since grown to embrace PR, journalism, social media and communications professionals across North America, and we now support executives in all facets of their communication efforts, from strategy to ghostwriting, publishing, social media, and personal branding.

CSuite Content Today

Over the years, CSuite Content has carved out a unique reputation for exceeding the expectations of its executive clients. Most traditional PR and content agencies simply aren’t set up to address the unique challenges and demands of working with high-powered CEOs and founders. By bringing deep subject matter expertise to the table, we’re able to build real trust with company leaders and act as strategic partners. Strong results — in the form of top-tier press hits, viral social media updates, and journalist-caliber content — help cement years-long relationships with our clients.     

Today, CSuite Content is recognized as an established leader in executive communications and thought leadership. Our team contributes regularly to publications including Fast Company and Entrepreneur. We host the annual CSuite Digital Leadership Awards, recognizing business leaders who inspire and influence on social media and digital channels. (Past winners have included Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, PayPal CEO Dan Schulman, and other leading executives.) We also publish The Helm, the only business magazine “for leaders, by leaders,” featuring first-hand accounts of starting and scaling businesses from executives on the front lines.  

Meet Our Team

CSuite Content’s secret weapon is the expertise of our team. Our crew brings together senior PR strategists who have worked with some of North America’s leading brands, veteran journalists with experience writing for leading business publications, and accomplished social media creators who have built influencer-level followings for executives around the world.  

Remy Scalza


Remy established CSuite Content in 2015 with cofounder, Caroline Carter. He began his career as a journalist, contributing to the Washington Post, New York Times and Globe and Mail. After years of interviewing executives at leading companies, he recognized a need for writing and publishing services designed for thought leaders and established CSuite Content. Over the years, he’s helped leaders at both fast-growing startups and global enterprises frame their story online and in the media, driving real business results.

Caroline Carter-Smith

Caroline Carter-Smith


Caroline established CSuite Content in 2015 with cofounder, Remy Scalza. Caroline is a former broadcast journalist (NBC, SHAW, APTN), tech PR veteran, and an experienced leader in the field of executive communications and leadership branding. Her work has helped world-class business leaders build and leverage their social media presence, strategically navigate communications challenges, make waves on the speaking circuit, and punch above their weight with placements in top-tier press.

Lillian Fu

Lillian Fu

Social Media Lead

Lillian is the Social Media Lead at CSuite Content. In her role, she oversees the agency’s social program where she helps build a social media presence for business leaders. When she’s not busy crafting social media strategies, Lillian enjoys pursuing her passion for photography and exploring new creative outlets.

Sara Domaratzki

Social Media Content Specialist

Sara is a social media content specialist at CSuite Content. In her role, Sara is responsible for managing the online presence of clients and creating customized content that resonates with their target audiences and personal brand. She is an outgoing individual who is constantly seeking new ways to connect and engage with audiences on social media platforms and loves to explore her surroundings of Toronto in her free time.

Shawn Conner


Shawn brings nearly 30 years of interviewing, editing, proofreading, and researching to his projects. He is passionate about learning new things and helping people and businesses tell their stories.

Tom Deutch

Social Media Content Specialist

Tom is a social media writer for CSuite Content. His background in branding and product marketing in various industries have given him insights into different writing tones and audiences. In his spare time he's an avid basketball player and loves product design, architecture, and technology.

Nick Rockel

Senior Writer

Nick is a writer for CSuite Content. He’s written and edited for many North American publications, including Fortune, Institutional Investor and the Globe and Mail. In his off hours, he enjoys traveling, ocean kayaking and playing bass.

Lisa Manfield


Lisa is a senior writer with extensive experience in journalism, content marketing and magazine publishing. Her 20+ years as a writer and editor result in consistently captivating long-form thought leadership content that boosts online reach, visibility and engagement for B2B and B2C leaders in a wide range of sectors.