CSuite focuses exclusively on thought leadership: helping elite-level executives craft content – in their own words – and place it in front of a global audience. Over the years, we’ve helped CEOs and founders at the helm of billion-dollar enterprises in tech, finance and other sectors hone their message and share it with a global media audience.

The agency was established by Remy Scalza, a former business and tech journalist, and Caroline Carter, a tech PR veteran, with the aim of offering executives a more direct and authentic way to share their perspectives. Remy and Caroline coordinate a team of experienced writers, journalists and designers who support research and drafting.


Remy Scalza began his career as a journalist, contributing to the Washington Post, New York Times and Globe and Mail. After years of interviewing executives at leading companies, he recognized a need for writing and publishing services designed for thought leaders and established CSuite Content. He holds a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication.


Caroline is a former journalist, tech PR veteran, and an experienced leader in the field of executive communications and leadership branding. Her work has helped world-class business leaders build and leverage their social media presence, strategically navigate communications challenges, make waves on the speaking circuit and punch above their weight with placements in top-tier press. She holds a master’s degree in professional communication.