Boosting Online Reputation In Retail With Lululemon Founder Chip Wilson

Chip Wilson,
Retail founder, Investor, Philanthropist

The Situation

Who: Chip Wilson is a legendary retail founder, investor, and philanthropist, who transformed the technical apparel industry and built $40B+ clothing company Lululemon. Chip is well-known for his charitable initiatives, extensive knowledge of technical apparel and vertical retail, and for prioritizing company cultures rooted in personal development and wellness.

Priorities: When we began working with Chip, his primary challenge was battling negative public sentiment in the aftermath of a public relations controversey. This hit to his reputation was having a trickle-down effect on new business ventures, partnerships, and general public perception. With a book project, new charitable initiatives, and business opportunities in the works, Chip and his team were looking for ways to garner positive media exposure, as well as build a supportive and engaged online audience, and reach and rally the Lululemon faithful.

Target Audience: Previous employees and enduring fans of lululemon; retail and business media; industry peers and business thought leaders, general public.

The Solution

CSuite worked with Chip and his team to develop a cohesive thought leadership strategy built around key narrative pillars of leadership, retail insights and holistic wellness. Then, we doubled down on an integrated approach to credibility-building by leveraging earned media bylines to boost Chip’s profile (while allowing him to control his own narrative) as well as setting up and rapidly growing his social media presence. In one year, CSuite:

  • Launched a Facebook page for Chip and grew a loyal 20K audience, which provided a way for Chip’s fans to engage with him directly and culminated in a measurable uptick in positive online sentiment.
  • Secured Chip an exclusive recurring column in Forbes, allowing us to publish multiple top-tier bylines to a prospective audience of 100M+ that highlighted his leadership, retail and apparel expertise as well as his dedication to wellness practices and holistic health.
  • Supported the launch of an Amazon best-selling book detailing Chip’s perspectives by promoting excerpts on social media and teasing concepts for resonance with a growing social following.
  • Secured and provided media training and talk tracks for a highly-coveted feature interview on NPR’s “How I Built This” podcast– allowing Chip to cast a positive halo on his contributions to building Lululemon and lay the foundation for his best-selling book. 

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