Raising Industry Credibility In Precision Ag With Semios Founder Michael Gilbert

Michael Gilbert,
Founder, Semios

The Situation

Who: Michael Gilbert is the founder of the world’s largest independent agtech company, Semios, a multibillion-dollar enterprise with more than 100 million acres under management around the world. Semios provides farmers with a network of in-field sensors, then uses machine learning and big data to help growers, monitor weather-related risks, optimize water management, and fight insects … all in real-time. 

Priorities: When we began working with Semios, their primary challenge was raising awareness for the company as a true industry leader in precision agriculture. The ag space is dominated by global multinationals, and as a startup Semios needed to establish visibility and credibility among its target market of farmers and industry analysts, as well as government stakeholders. In addition, Semios was growing fast and looking to attract both additional venture capital and new employees looking to work in a purpose-driven sector. 

Target Audience: Venture capitalists investing in green technologies; employees looking to join a fast-growing company; corporate farming clients and industry analysts. 

michael gilbert thought leadership

The Solution

To position Semios as an industry leader, we focused on building Michael’s personal brand and expanding his thought leadership efforts. CSuite branded Michael as a true ally to farmers — a pioneering scientist leveraging new tools to help farmers do more with less in the face of challenges like drought and climate change. We amplified this message with consistent bylines in respected industry publications, as well as by tapping into an active agricultural audience on LinkedIn:

  • We wrote and published over a dozen articles for Michael in major business and trade outlets like Newsweek, Entrepreneur, and AgFunder. These press hits exposed his views to a collective audience of 132M plus.


  • Through strategic LinkedIn management, we connected Michael with over 6,200 influential leaders in agtech, who commented on and shared his posts, solidifying his presence as a recognized industry leader in ag tech. In total, we generated more than 1.25M views on his LinkedIn.


  • We leveraged his fast-growing LinkedIn follower base to highlight company news and milestones for increased brand awareness. Through cross promotion of content, we helped Semios’ LinkedIn rank as the second-fastest growing page for their industry.
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