So What Does It Take To Win A CSuite Award, Anyway?

The 2020 CSuite Digital Leadership Awards is the first competition of its kind to recognize the impact and achievements of business leaders sharing ideas and inspiration on digital channels, including social media, podcasts, blogs and video.

But what does a digital leader actually look like?

From small business owners to leaders of large enterprises, we’re looking for people who believe in the power of digital channels to share ideas, make real connections and move their industry — regardless of their follower count.

To inspire you and show the breadth of digital leadership out there today, here are a few examples and why we think their digital presence is so strong.

,,Steph Corker, Founder of ,,People Consultant and Co-Host of the ,,Uncorked Podcast

Digital channel: ,Podcast

What she shares: Steph, a triathlete and entrepreneur, interviews fellow CEOs and athletes about business, life and sports. She really tries to uncover the “stories you can’t find on Google” and show her guests’ personal sides.

How she builds community: To build and engage with her following, Steph turns to ,Instagram, where she shares snippets of podcasts and news about upcoming episodes. She offers in-depth captions to engage readers and isn’t shy about sharing selfies.

How she supports business goals: Steph’s business (and personal) motto is “believe in human potential.” The podcast helps her build that brand, connect with industry colleagues and also drive followers to her website for additional paid resources.

,,Jack Salzwedel, CEO of American Family Insurance

Digital channel: ,LinkedIn

What he shares: Jack’s feed is filled both with company news, behind-the-scenes looks at company culture and glimpses into his personal life — from sports interests to his favorite Wisconsin rock bands.

How he builds community: Jack uses his LinkedIn to speak directly to employees and customers in a human voice. You can see from the amount of comments and engagements what a loyal, bought-in following he has (not to mention his pride for the state of Wisconsin, where company headquarters are located).

How he supports business goals: Jack’s human voice helps attract and retain talent in a competitive industry. His willingness to mix personal and professional also helps rapport and loyalty with customers.

,,Manjit Minhas, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Minhas Breweries 

Digital channel: ,,Twitter

What she shares: Manjit posts a mixture of personal and professional content. She shares behind-the-scenes footage of her business, Minhas Brewery and news about Dragon’s Den.

How she builds community: Manjit is incredibly active on Twitter. She engages with her audience through consistent posting and keeping them updated about what she’s up to. She also adds a personal touch by posting photos of family gatherings and even fun-outfit-of-the-day updates!

How she supports business goals: She frequently shares posts about her brewery business. You’ll find countless off-the-cuff photos of Manjit holding a Minhas Distillery drink, giving her brand a real-world presence. We also love her creative and humorous “Manjit Minhas’ Rules for Wine” series!

,,Chris Litster, CEO of ,,Buildium

Digital channel: Blogs and Op-eds

What he shares: Chris frequently speaks out about the importance of ,emotional intelligence in the workplace. Many of his op-eds are grounded in personal experiences like the ,college advice he’s giving to his kids and how his ,BA in French made him the CEO he is today,,. 

How he builds community: Chris continues the conversation started in these articles on his social media channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter. He engages his audience with compelling questions and is quick to offer replies and even emojis and gifs.

How he supports business goals: Highlighting his skills as a leader provides a real boost when it comes to recruiting and employer brand. Chris also writes about ,his industry, demonstrating his knowledge and ability to start conversations.

,,Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft

Digital channel: ,,Video

What he shares: There’s no doubt that the CEO of Microsoft has a strong social media presence but we think his use of video deserves extra attention. In videos that are usually less than 5 minutes long, Satya interviews various thought leaders who are at the helm of their industry and Microsoft employees from all sectors.

How he builds community: His interview series are extremely effective in starting conversations and getting his audience engaged. Judging from the thousands of likes and comments that he receives, people are more than eager to be part of the discussion.

How he supports business goals: Satya also shares personal statements and company news through video, directly speaking to his audience. Being on camera adds a human face to companies that may seem larger than life, instilling a great sense of trust in his stakeholders.

Think your social and digital presence measures up to these leaders? Apply to the CSuite Awards to get recognized for your efforts!

You should apply if …

  • You’re a business leader on social media.
  • You believe in the power of social media and digital channels — from podcasts to blogs and video — to share your ideas, make real connections and move your industry.
  • You’re committed to being creative, authentic and consistent, regardless of the size of your audience. You don’t need to have thousands of followers or be a major business influencer to apply.

Why enter?

  • CSuite Award winners are highlighted in national press. Get recognized in major media outlets.
  • Winners receive a lifetime subscription to ,,Hootsuite Pro (valued at $360/year).
  • Enhance your social profiles and marketing materials.
  • For agencies and teams, proof positive of the incredible work you do for clients.

Go to ,, for more information, including the full list of categories and our all-star panel of judges. Don’t miss our April 15 early bird deadline!

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