Social Leadership Masterclass, With Social T’s Tara Clark

Social media architect, entrepreneur, speaker — just a few of the roles that Tara Clark takes on. Tara is the founder and CEO of Vancouver-based social media agency, Social T, and first got hooked on “the Facebook” in college back in 2004. For the past nine years she’s offered executive consulting, training and management to small and medium-sized businesses around the world, educating them on social media, digital marketing, and thought leadership so that businesses can elevate their brand and customer experience.

Which social platforms are you using and why?

I’ve toned down my personal use of most social platforms, except LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for business owners, like myself, who wish to strategically grow their connections within specific industries. I learn through LinkedIn by following the female heads of large organizations and entrepreneurs I admire.

When did you start using social media? Do you remember your first update?

I went to the University of Iowa and my school was one of the first few institutions to gain access to “the Facebook” in 2004. Back then, the social networking site was very basic in nature, but powerful in influence. I remember the wave of interest the platform had on students. Early on, I appreciated that the tool was simple to use and gave students a place to share our majors and interests to connect with like minds. When photo sharing and tagging was added, I was hooked.

What’s your top tip for succeeding as a business leader on social media?

When it comes to writing, less is more! Be concise and try not to use the same words more than two times in a short paragraph. My covers this topic in under 5 minutes:

Who’s a leader – either at your company or outside it – who you feel is using social media well?

I recently landed on a LinkedIn post by Dave Gerhardt who shares very impactful and thought-provoking marketing updates. The first post I saw that he wrote made me THINK DIFFERENTLY about our role as marketers, and now I look forward to his updates.

Dave – If you’re reading this, let’s do virtual coffee!

Do you have any guilty pleasure follows? (Whose Tweets do you secretly love?) (Whose IG posts do you love?)

Sara Blakely and her husband share hilarious Instagram Stories. Their energy and enthusiasm for life, their family, and business is contagious. It isn’t all cinnamon and rainbows, though! There’s always a slice of humble pie (family and mishaps) in the mix.

In your view, what the next big thing for social media?

Bringing more face-to-face interactions to the forefront. We will continue to leverage social media as a way to connect one to many but with a focus on bringing people together in a positive and impactful way. Whether it be an online movement or an in-person event, I envision social media being used as a “force for good”.

If you could get a mention from anyone on social, who would it be?

A few years ago I met Ariana Huffington and got a photo with her.

If I ever have the opportunity to launch a product line, I’d love a shoutout from Bethanny Frankel! She’s created a slew of her own goods, but I think she’d benefit from highlighting other people’s creations.

What’s your favorite social meme of all time?

I love Michael Scott!

How do you seek and find balance between your social presence and your IRL presence?

I’m authentically me online and off. As an introverted extrovert, I love that I only need to “tune in” or post on social media when I feel up for it. I try to make the moments I share matter by posting less and having more intention with what I publish.

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