Winners Announced For The 2023 CSuite Digital Leadership Awards!

Drumroll, please … We’re thrilled to announce the winners of the ,,2023 CSuite Digital Leadership Awards! After pouring through entries from the heads of global companies and solopreneurs alike, our panel of judges has identified this year’s top business leaders on social media — amazing CEOs, thought leaders and influencers using digital channels to share ideas, drive business results and even change the world.

The CSuite Awards is the first competition of its kind to recognize business leaders using their own digital channels to inspire and influence. Applicants are judged not just on number of followers but on levels of engagement, quality and relevance of content, and advancement of real business goals.

This year’s winners illustrated the power of digital leadership at a crucial juncture for businesses everywhere. In a challenging economic climate, they used their voice and their channels to rally employees, support customers, reassure investors and shareholders, educate colleagues, and provide a critical source of truth in uncertain times.

Congratulations to the winners of The 2023 CSuite Awards!

Top Voice on LinkedIn: Anne Chow, Former CEO of AT&T Business; CEO of Rewired CEO

As the former CEO of AT&T Business, Anne was way ahead of the times in terms of digital leadership. Today, she leverages LinkedIn to share critical leadership conversations around innovation, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and more. Her content is reflective of her commitment to nurture the next generation of leaders and elevate the voices of others.

Top Voice on Twitter: Kara Goldin, Founder of Hint

One of the most social-savvy founders on Twitter, Kara is known for her inspirational content that pushes people to look beyond their comfort zones and change for the better. Her positive energy and optimism shines through in everything she shares.

Top Employee Champion: Shai Weiss, CEO of Virgin Atlantic

Shai puts the employees of Virgin Atlantic front and center on social: elevating their stories, championing individuality and showing how Virgin Atlantic sees the world differently. He uses his platform in creative ways to advocate for and champion his team.

Top Voice on Instagram: Michelle MiJung Kim, CEO of Awaken

Through her Instagram, Michelle fearlessly addresses systemic oppression, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health and more, sparking meaningful conversations and encouraging others to challenge the status quo. With an authentic approach to social media, she has fostered a strong community dedicated to positive change.

Future of Work Evangelist: Rachel Romer, CEO of Guild Education

Rachel uses her platform as part of a mission to unlock opportunity for America’s workforce. She has been at the forefront of conversations urging leaders to reconsider traditional norms about mobility and embrace the diverse range of talents that frontline experiences cultivate.

Top Newsletter: Conner Galway, President of Junction Consulting

Conner is the author of The Brief, one of Canada’s best read and most engaged digital business newsletters. He uses his platform to provide expert insights on how businesses can support digital transformation and rebuilding efforts.

Business Leader Taking a Stand: Simran Kaur, Director of Girls That Invest

Featured in Forbes, Marie Claire Future Shapers 2023 and more, Simran is on a mission to make investing more approachable for women of all ages and backgrounds. She uses her platforms, including a podcast that was in the top 1% most followed podcasts globally in 2022, to spread knowledge about financial literacy and empower young women to take charge of their finances.

Top Voice on TikTok: Rami Hashish, Founder of National Biomechanics Institute

On TikTok, Rami shares his knowledge as a body performance and injury expert in updates that are as entertaining as they are educational. His ultimate goal is to make injury advice more accessible, especially for people who don’t have the means to access help.

Top Article or Blog Post: Greg Smith, CEO of Thinkific

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Greg is a frequent contributor to top-tier business outlets like Fast Company, Forbes and Entrepreneur, sharing his expertise on the creator economy, building a business, company culture and more. In his prize-winning article on how taking the time to face your fears can help you accomplish your business goals, Greg shares his unique take on the entrepreneurial narrative that commonly focuses on courage and accomplishment.

We want to thank our amazing judges for their time, expertise and enthusiasm! Congratulations to the winners and a sincere thank you to all the founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and leaders who submitted entries this year. We hope you continue using your platforms to make a difference.

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