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Elon Musk portrait
8 Unlikely Lessons All Thought Leaders Can Learn From Elon Musk This Year
Love him or hate him, few CEOs have captured the public imagination like Elon Musk. The name immediately brings to mind all sorts of things, from electric cars to billionaire...
How To Hire A Corporate Ghostwriter
What do Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy, George Lucas, and Cardi B. have in common? They all used ghostwriters. And, in the cases of at least two of the above,...
Podcast Pitching Guide: Tips For Business Leaders To Get Their Message Heard
Podcasts indiscriminately champion every business owner and business irrespective of the stage you might be at in your business journey. The total number of podcast listeners currently stands at 464.7...
Billionaire Smackdown: The On-Again Off-Again Zuckerberg And Musk Fight
As we face the end of summer and some of the most disastrous weather events on record, it is time to turn our attention on the really important stuff. Like...
importance of personal branding
Building A Personal Brand — How to Get Started
Discover five essential tips for content creation to enhance your personal brand. Define your identity, know your audience, create valuable content, optimize for discovery, and engage to build lasting relationships....
How These Four Startups Attracted Celebrity Investors Like Jay-Z
The influence of celebrity endorsements for a brand is still just as significant as it was when it was known as “Royal warrants or endorsements.” In fact, in this digital...
How This Teen Mom Overcame Imposter Syndrome To Build A Business Empire
Rachel Neill is open about her experience finding herself as a struggling teen mom at 16 with no family support. Motivated both by the people who doubted her potential and...
Do's and Don't's of Personal Branding on Social Media
Our Top Do’s And Don’ts Of Personal Branding On Social Media
Building a personal brand on social media isn’t rocket science, but it is a skill.
how to build a personal brand on linkedin
How To Build A Personal Brand On LinkedIn
Building a personal brand on LinkedIn is key to communicating who you are and what you stand for to potential clients, business partners, employees, and colleagues.
Creating a Strong Value Proposition for Executive Success
Building A Personal Brand (Step 1): Creating A Strong Value Proposition For Executive Success
One of the most crucial steps in building a personal brand is identifying your unique value proposition – the benefit or value you alone can provide to your target audience.